Waterproofing your newly constructed commercial building is an absolute need of the hour. Unfortunately, while most of the recent constructions have waterproofing installation in the foundation, the building envelope goes unnoticed. Leading waterproofing companies in Miami that have a range of different solutions can increase the life of your property, prevent water damage, and even make your building more energy efficient thereby lowering maintenance costs and increasing your profits. Read on to discover more about the effective waterproofing methods they implement for maximum results. 

  • Hot Applied Waterproofing Membrane: This waterproofing technique is especially effective in open areas like balconies, decks, and patios. For a hot-applied waterproofing membrane, a rubberized asphalt membrane or sealant is applied to the edges and the cracks, and other areas prone to water damage. Initially hot, the membrane is allowed to cool down, and when it becomes denser and seals in the open spaces and prevents moisture from seeping in. 
  • Deck Coating Systems And Water Repellent Coatings: Open deck areas and patios are often the most vulnerable part of your commercial property. Be it a warehouse or a restaurant, your deck needs more care than the interiors of the building when it involves water damage. One of the most beneficial facilities of hiring a waterproofing company in Miami is that they have highly effective and water-repellant coatings for your decks and room interiors that can protect the open areas from different forms of precipitation.
  • Sheet Applied Waterproofing Membrane: As new discoveries are made with the advancement of science and technology, the waterproofing industry has also majorly benefited from the newer technologies. And one of the latest methods implemented by the waterproofing companies in Miami is the sheet-applied waterproofing membrane. Unlike its hot-applied alternative, this waterproof membrane can be directly applied in its cold state and does not require any additional time for setting. Moreover, the sheets can be used to cover up large portions and offer a seamless look to are regions of application. 
  • Caulking And Sealants For Crack Control: Water damage often leads to cracks and crevices in the walls and ceiling that later become the breeding ground for mold and fungus and harmful pests like termites. Caulking and sealants are used by eminent waterproofing companies in Miami to fill up these cracks and prevent further moisture deposition and deterioration of the property. Caulking is also extremely helpful in sealing cracks in the internal concrete structure and masonry. 
  • Graffiti Control Waterproof Coatings: Though not directly related to water damage, graffiti control options provided by a waterproofing company in Miami is more advantageous than you possibly think. Graffiti control services help you to get rid of the paint without damaging the walls and the paint. They are also effective when it comes to removing dirt and debris that may or may not be caused by vandalism. 

Hiring a waterproofing company in Miami is not only affordable and cost-effective in the long run but also highly profitable. If you have not yet waterproofed your commercial buildings, then it's time you hired a team of experts to protect your property while increasing its value of it.